Heavy duty horizontal, sealless Magnet Drive partial emission pump, for low flow application

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Campo di applicazione

CPE MAG-M pumps range meets the requirements on custom-built solutions in the process industry, in the following areas: Chemical and pharmaceutical, transfer of aggressive, highly corrosive liquids, paper, food processing, plant engineering and construction. For all industries that choose a pumping leak-free and low maintenance for use continuous (abandon of mechanical seal pumps).

Caratteristiche di progetto

OH2 Heavy duty mounting feets accept ISO 13709/API-610 nozzle loads and maintain


Hastelloy C® 276
Incoloy® 825
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel

Operational data

  • 22 m3/h
  • 250 m
  • 1450 / 3500 rpm
  • 50 bar
  • From -120°C to +350 °C